Miles Austin won't say when he will sign

GRAPEVINE, Texas _ Cowboys wide receiver Miles Austin is in a great mood these days.

He's coming off a Pro Bowl season and he physically feels better than ever.

Now as far as earning money for the 2010 season, the Cowboys placed a first-and-third round tender on him worth $3.168 million. Austin and the team would like to work on a long-term deal, which could reach an average salary of $6 million to $7 million a season.

Nothing has transpired regarding that.

In the meantime, Austin still has not signed that tender contract.

When asked about it before playing a round of golf at the Cowboys Golf Course, Austin smiled and said, "I'm feeling good."

Austin would not say when he would sign the tender.

If a player does not sign by June 1, the original club can extend the qualifying offer and thereby retain exclusive rights to the player.

If the original qualifying offer is greater than 110 percent of the player’s 2009 base salary (Austin made $1.545 million last year) and the player does not sign that contract by June 15, the team can substitute the June 1 tender with a new June 15th tender of 110 percent of the restriced free agent's 2009 base salary and continue to retain exclusive rights to the player.

If the player does not sign by Week 10, he cannot play in 2010.

We believe Austin will sign the tender, at some point.