Proving Ground: Kevin Ogletree

Sixth in a 10-part series focusing on young non-starters who have a lot to prove during training camp (series):

Undrafted receiver Kevin Ogletree proved as a rookie that he can contribute to the Cowboys.

Now, he’s trying to prove that the Cowboys can rely on him.

That’s a big step. Offensive coordinator Jason Garrett created a simplified package for Ogletree in the second half of the season, putting him in position to use his quickness and elusiveness to make plays. Ogletree, who split reps last summer with the rest of the receivers fighting for a roster spot, acknowledges that he wasn’t ready to play a larger role.

After a full offseason, Ogletree feels confident that he has a firm grasp of the playbook. He practiced at all three receiver positions, trying to maximize his chances to get on the field.

The Cowboys don’t have any questions about Ogletree’s ability. They like his speed, quickness, elusiveness and hands. They don’t know yet about his dependability.

If Ogletree performs during training camp and the preseason, he could push Patrick Crayton off the roster and claim the No. 4 receiver job. If he struggles, he’ll be stuck on the sideline during the regular season.