Play of the Day: Dez's juggling act

SAN ANTONIO – Dez Bryant made a play-of-the-day type of catch in the morning session, when he laid out to catch a deep ball with Pro Bowl cornerback Mike Jenkins all over him.

But Bryant made an even better catch in the afternoon session.

It was a busted play that turned into a thing of beauty. A botched exchange killed the timing of a flea-flicker, resulting in backup quarterback Jon Kitna scrambling around before throwing the ball up for grabs down the right sideline.

Bryant, who came back toward the line of scrimmage when he saw Kitna in trouble, soared over rookie cornerback Bryan McCann to get his fingertips on the high pass. He tipped it to himself and snatched it with his right hand as he landed.

“That’s ridiculous,” a veteran standing on the sideline said.

It was without question an amazing display of athleticism, body control and hands. However, there was some debate whether Bryant got both feet inbounds.

“I think I got two in,” Bryant said. “I don’t know. They don’t [have instant replay], so it counts.”