Random thoughts from training camp

Mike And Mike: Just Do It, Dez! (3:11)

Golic isn't happy with Dez Bryant's refusal to carry Roy Williams' pads (3:11)

SAN ANTONIO -- As the Cowboys break free from the weekend of three practices we give you some random thoughts on what we think.

1. Dez Bryant is great in practices on the field and off the field, especially in signing autographs after every practice and doing a lap where he slaps fans hands. But when a veteran player, Roy E. Williams in this case, asks him to carry some shoulder pads or even a sweaty jersey after practice, he should do it. Bill Parcells made rookies bring him water during breaks in practice. Carrying a jersey isn't a big deal if that's what the rookie hazing is. Bryant says he's here to play football and that's right. His commitment to the team has never been questioned. Building chemistry with your teammates is important. We're not saying you have to like everybody, but you have to get along. Bryant should carry the pads today and be done with it and move on. His rookie season has so much potential and it's gotten off to a great start.

2. This deal about Felix Jones weighing more than Marion Barber is a funny little story, but if you see the body types you shouldn't be surprised. Barber is a lean 5-11 that carries his weight in his arms and thighs. But Barber has lost about 10-to-15 pounds because he thinks if he's lighter he can be quicker and avoid some hits. Now Jones is 5-10 and stocky. He carries his weight in his thighs and hips. Jones is fast when he runs of course and he wanted to bulk up a little more this season to absorb some hits.

3. Terrell Owens still looking for a job is sad. Owens is a Hall of Fame talent. Should he go to Canton one day? It's up to debate. Owens is a player at this stage of his career who should sign with a playoff team and help them reach the next level. The Cincinnati Bengals are a possibility. But he might sign with the St. Louis Rams before then. Owens' reputation has hurt him in the late stages of his career, but he can still be an effective No. 3 wideout.

4. It's early in camp but the passing offense has struggled. On Day 1, Tony Romo either underthrew or overthrew passes and Jon Kitna just held the ball waiting and waiting and waiting. The second-day was better and we expect Romo and Kitna to improve. Romo is excellent at throwing the deep ball, especially down the middle of the field and Kitna showed us Sunday he still has a strong arm when he gunned one to Bryant on a flea flicker.

5. David Buehler has embraced the kicking situation quite well. He's kicking into this mini goal post where you can't tell if the kicks are good or not. (Got to watch the film I was told to determine if the kicks are good or not.) Buehler knows he's got no competition. Wade Phillips said the team has Delbert Alvarado, and that's true. The reality is that Buehler is going up against himself.

"I demand perfection," Buehler said. "The more I get to kick the more confident I will be. Delbert is still here pushing me but I'm competing against myself."