Play of the Day: Red zone Roy Williams

SAN ANTONIO – The practice will be remembered for Dez Bryant injuring his right ankle, but the receiver the rookie is trying to replace made the most impressive play.

During red zone 7-on-7 drills, Roy Williams got open on a seam route and caught a strike from Tony Romo in the end zone. Offensive coordinator Jason Garrett gave Williams credit for recognizing that the safety had outside position and reacting by bending the route toward the middle of the field.

Williams didn’t do a lot right last season, but he was the Cowboys’ best red zone weapon. Romo targeted him 14 times in the red zone in 2009, with Williams catching eight of the passes and scoring on six.

“He’s a big, tall guy with long arms and very good hands,” Garrett said. “A lot of the plays that are made down there are those contested kind of plays. He has a feel for the routes we’re running and where the holes are.”