Tony Romo appreciates Brett Favre

SAN ANTONIO – As rumors of Brett Favre’s retirement swirled, Tony Romo took time to reminisce about the quarterback he grew up idolizing.

“From anybody’s perspective, whether it’s [media], the fans or even the players, you can’t help but appreciate the way he plays the game and his talent and ability and the level at which he played for such a long time,” Romo said. “Once again, I haven’t heard anything, but if this is the case, he deserves every accolade there is.”

Romo said he’s surprised by the news, simply because Favre played so well last season and has an opportunity to play for a Super Bowl contender with Minnesota again.

“But it’s better to go I think the year before than a year too late,” Romo said. “He had an incredible season, maybe the best of his career, last year. To have that at his age and to do that was outstanding. That’s fun to watch.”

Romo grew up in Wisconsin watching Favre, whose gunslinging style rubbed off on Romo. It’s a storyline Romo tried to downplay in recent years as he became Favre’s friendly rival.

As he talked Tuesday morning in an Alamodome tunnel, Romo raved as much about Favre the man as he did Favre the future Hall of Fame quarterback.

“He is who he is,” Romo said. “You weren’t going to change Brett. I enjoy people who you know who they are. They’re not trying to put up a fa├žade or be fake in any way. He was real. He’s a man’s man.”

After a brief pause, Romo couldn’t resist poking a little fun at the on-again, off-again nature of Favre’s retirement plans.

“If he decides this afternoon to come back,” Romo said, “scrap everything I just said.”