Charles Haley teaches DeMarcus Ware

SAN ANTONIO -- Following Tuesday morning's first practice at the Alamodome, former Cowboys defensive end Charles Haley was giving a teaching lesson.

In the end zone, Haley, who won five Super Bowl titles, was showing some pass rush moves to the entire linebacker corps.

Haley would play tackle and have DeMarcus Ware, Anthony Spencer, Curtis Johnson, Brandon Williams all take turns rushing at him. He would correct their footwork, hand placement and where and when they should move inside or outside the tackle.

At one point, Haley made Johnson do a move twice because he hadn't gotten right.

"I think as an athlete we all have a responsibility to give back to the next generation," Haley said. "And I like to thank Jerry [Jones] and Wade [Phillips] for an opportunity to come in [Tuesday] and work with these young men. My goal is for the Cowboys to have as much success as possible and I want to see every young man reach that potential."

Ware, who wears No. 94, Haley's old jersey, is humbled by the former Cowboy's appearance the last two days at training camp. Ware remembers growing up watching Haley cause trouble for opposing offenses as a kid.

"At this game you’re always learning," Ware said. "When you stop learning, that’s when you need to get out. I'm listening like a little kid and doing everything he’s telling me to do because it’s right. He had a great career and I'm going to try and follow in his footsteps."

Since Ware stepped into the league in 2005, he's studied ways to improve his balance and forearm strength. He worked with former teammate Greg Ellis on the practice fields and in the film room, looking for subtle ways to beat tackles and tight ends and running backs that are coming after him.

"You can't ever be a perfect pass rusher," Ware said. "To have a guy come in, a legend like Charles Haley, show us a lot of the things he’s learned over the years and come back and showing us some of the mistakes we’re making. It's all about getting better. People say, 'DeMarcus you’re the best,' no I’m not. I'm still trying to improve and be better."