Jerry Jones talks about the Rangers sale

SAN ANTONIO -- As the Rangers deal with a bankruptcy hearing all day today, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is following the proceedings from training camp.

"I bet you could cut it with a knife and as it should be," Jones said of the tension. "A lot at stake, not only from the standpoint of the fans and Major League Baseball, [but] that’s a lot of money being bounced around there. You can bet not a lot of one-liners going around there I'm sure."

Here's the latest on the sale in a story from the Associated Press:

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban keeps upping the ante in the auction for the Texas Rangers.

His group of investors submitted the highest opening bid for the AL West-leading at a rare and unusual auction in bankruptcy court Wednesday, jeopardizing the sale to Major League Baseball's preferred buyer.

The group led by Rangers president Nolan Ryan and sports attorney Chuck Greenberg then countered but Cuban's group, which includes Houston businessman Jim Crane, went over the top with an even higher bid.

Rangers attorney Martin Sosland said Cuban's initial bid was about $25 million more than the bid submitted by Ryan-Greenberg. That group, endorsed by MLB and the only other bidder for the team, offered about $520 million as its opening bid.

After a lengthy recess to evaluate the Cuban bid, the Ryan-Greenberg team returned to the courtroom with a bid of $320 million -- $2 million more than the cash portion of the Mark Cuban-Jim Crane bid. Cuban's lawyer almost immediately approached the bench and followed up with a bid of $335 million for the cash portion.

Jones, who is a fan of both Cuban and Ryan, said he would not get involved in another sport, saying his passion is for the Cowboys and the NFL.

"As far as I'm concerned, when Mark says he’s going to do something, look out you will probably see it done," Jones said. "It's the old deal that says, 'You know they’re going to move that mountain over there? And the [other] guy says, well get out of here. You can’t do that. Who said they’re going to do it? Mark Cuban. Where are they going to move it to?' "