Brandon Sharpe with first impressions

At the end of the evening, Brandon Sharpe, the rookie from Texas Tech, was pretty happy.

He was playing his first game at inside linebacker, but at Tech he was a defensive end who set the school season mark for sacks with 15 last year.

But Sharpe made some plays in the preseason opener vs. Cincinnati on Sunday.

The box score says no tackles for Sharpe, but he had an interception return for a touchdown in the Cowboys' victory. It was the only score of the game for the Cowboys, who needed three David Buehler field goals to add to their ledger for the victory.

"The touchdown was a nice blessing," Sharpe said. "The first preseason game with the pros and a pick six."

Sharpe said he's getting comfortable with the 3-4 scheme, especially learning how to play the inside linebacker spot.

"I thought I did pretty good," Sharpe said. "I could have done a lot better, but I have to take it one step at a time. Not playing linebacker in along time, the coaches went over my keys and my [pass] routes [in coverage] and it was just staying focused and having a relaxed mind."