Play of the Day: Bradie James' big hit

OXNARD, Calif. – Bradie James’ bearded face broke out into a big grin when his big hit on Herb Donaldson was mentioned.

“Y’all saw that hit?” James said.

Yep, we saw it. And we heard it, too, loud and clear from across the field.

James met Donaldson in the hole and delivered a vicious blow right between his numbers. Donaldson dropped instantly, landing a yard back on his butt. The defensive players hopped around and howled in celebration.

Wade Phillips doesn’t want tackling in his camp, and James followed the letter of the law by not following through after the initial pop. Plus, a veteran linebacker can get away with blowing up the fourth-string running back.

“My role is to be the bruiser. That’s it,” James said. “What I’m working on with my game is just getting in the hole and exploding. It didn’t matter who it is. And it was clean.”