Cowboys not worried about Brett Favre

OXNARD, Calif. – After news broke that Brett Favre was retiring a few weeks ago, Tony Romo raved about the quarterback he grew up watching as a kid in Wisconsin. Romo joked to scrap everything he just said if Favre decides to come back.

So, does Romo still have warm, fuzzy feelings about Favre now that No. 4 is back in Minnesota?

“They’re all gone,” Romo said with a heavy dose of sarcasm. “He’s terrible. I can’t believe he’s still playing. He’s got no ability left.

“Nah, he’s going to be a good test. He’s a great player. It’s going to be fun to play those guys this year.”

Wade Phillips basically shrugged his shoulders when Favre’s return to Minnesota was mentioned. Phillips figured all along that Favre would play this season.

Linebacker Keith Brooking, who didn’t take kindly to Favre’s rub-it-in-and-run-it-up touchdown pass late in the Cowboys’ playoff loss, wanted no part discussing the future Hall of Fame quarterback.

“Brett Favre is not high up on my priority list right now,” Brooking said. “I don’t even know what week we play them, but whatever week we do, he will be No. 1. Right now, that’s really not even in my thought process. We have a lot to worry about besides that at this point.”