Kevin Ogletree is bouncing back

OXNARD, Calif. -- After such a fantastic start to training camp, Kevin Ogletree struggled in the last week of San Antonio.

Receivers coach Ray Sherman thought Ogletree hit a wall. He wasn't too worried, but there were some in the organization who felt Ogletree had taken some steps back.

In two preseason games, Ogletree has three catches for 33 yards. He looked sluggish at times in the days leading up to the preseason opener and it seemed to carry over into the second preseason game.

But in the last two days of training camp, Ogletree has ran crisp routes, made catches and is keeping his status with the second team.

"I think it was going how I expected it," Ogletree said. "I was making some plays but like anything you can’t be perfect at it. I had a couple of missed opportunities in last week’s game that don’t usually happen like that for me. I’m pretty good at taking advantage of the opportunities in front of me and I let a couple get away and I will be anxious to get the next one."

The Cowboys have such high expectations for Ogletree after last season. He was the only undrafted rookie to make the roster due to his speed and ability to make plays after the catch. In 11 games, he had just seven catches for 96 yards with no touchdowns. He emerged in the New Orleans game on Dec. 19, where he had just two catches, but they went for 23 yards.

Consistency is Ogletree's issue. He will do well in practice but not the games. Or struggle in practice and not earn the trust of offensive coordinator Jason Garrett to get in the games.

"You learn that as a professional, to be on your game," Ogletree said. "You can't let those one or two or three plays happen in a game [bother you]. I ran some routes I'm happy with and some plays that I wasn’t happy with. At the end of the day I can't worry about the critics."