Jerry: Roy Williams needs to win 1-on-1s

September, 10, 2010
IRVING, Texas – Jerry Jones paid Roy Williams to be an elite receiver. The owner/GM now expects Williams to be defense’s third biggest concern among the Cowboys’ receivers corps.

And Jerry will be satisfied if Williams can just beat the single coverage he’ll get as a result of defenses scheming to deal with Miles Austin and Dez Bryant.

“When you’re in three-wide, you basically got to single somebody,” Jerry said Friday morning on KRLD-FM. “That single receiver will be Roy. Then Roy’s got to get off that and make the play.

“That’s going to happen. I think you’ll see a wow factor when that happens. But you’ve got to be able to get to the guy that’s single covered.”

Jerry bristled at a question about whether Williams was on his “last stand” with the Cowboys, which is widely believed to be the case, as the guaranteed money is gone from the five-year, $45 million contract. Jerry just wants to focus on how Williams can help the Cowboys this season – and he’s optimistic that Williams will make a significant contribution despite the results from his first season and a half here.

“He’s a streak guy,” Jerry said. “His history was in Detroit that once when he started going, he just got hot and caught everything in sight.”



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