Chat: Ed Werder on Cowboys, NFL

ESPN NFL reporter Ed Werder, a weekly contributor for ESPN Dallas during the season, will trade his microphone for a laptop so he can answer your questions about the Dallas Cowboys and the rest of the NFL at 10 a.m. today.

Leave an early question or be there at 10 to see what Ed has to say about the Cowboys.

Mr. Werder also chimed in his thoughts on the Cowboys' crazy coaching situation in his column exclusively for ESPNDallas.com. Here's a snippet:

... It was inexcusable that Wade Phillips was not mentally into the game on the final play of the half, as though he -- like Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco -- had left the sideline and gone to the locker room prematurely. And Jason Garrett called a play that had zero chance of succeeding when he asked Tony Romo to take a snap from the Cowboys' 36 and throw a Hail Mary into the far end zone.

The sequence of events has created the question of exactly who is in charge of what, and the various inquiries have served only to reveal what some have described as a systemic issue the Cowboys will never overcome: The possibility that Phillips and Garrett get along behind the scenes much like Romo and T.O. did.

The Cowboys have a unified locker room. But it seems there might be unavoidable chemistry and trust issues in the coaching offices because of the unique hierarchy created by Jerry Jones. He has a long-standing preference for forcing his head coaches to accept holdover assistants who were hired by their predecessors and loyal mostly to the owner. Jimmy Johnson and Bill Parcells were mostly spared this inconvenience.

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