Owner's instincts say keep David Buehler

ARLINGTON, Texas -- As concerned as Jerry Jones is about the Cowboys' kicking situation, his gut tells him to stick with David Buehler.

For the second straight week, Buehler had a key miss that significantly affected the Cowboys' strategy late in the game. He was wide left on a 44-yard attempt midway through the third quarter that would have tied the score.

Buehler made a 48-yard field goal with 1:17 remaining, but that was too little, too late in the 27-20 loss. Buehler has missed half of his four field goal attempts.

Unlike a week ago in Washington, Jones didn't immediately dismiss the idea of signing another kicker. However, Jones did indicate that he wasn't quite ready to give Buehler the boot.

"It’s not the time to do that right after a ballgame," Jones said of making that decision. "Certainly, the last two field goals have been very meaningful that have been missed, but my inclination is to be very patient there."

Why be patient with an unproven kicker whose misses have greatly contributed to an 0-2 start?

"Because I want to," Jones said. "That's what my instincts tell me."

There are proven options who are available. Matt Stover and John Carney are a couple of unemployed fortysomething kickers if the Cowboys opt to go the Eddie Murray route. Kris Brown, who lost the Texans' kicking competition, is a younger option with a proven track record.

Buehler understands that his misses have put the front office and coaching staff is position to make a difficult decision.

"They make those decisions," Buehler said. "I have to live with them."