Jason Garrett: 'We need to run it better'

ARLINGTON, Texas – Jason Garrett swears he wants to run the ball.

The Cowboys have abandoned the run in the first two games this season. But Garrett doesn’t necessarily see the number of running plays as the problem. He’s more concerned about the results.

“We need to run it better,” Garrett said.

If the Cowboys can run effectively, Garrett says his play-calling will be more balanced. Dallas managed to gain only 36 yards on 20 carries against the Bears. They had 12 carries for six yards – 0.5 per carry, for those who struggle at simple math – in the last three quarters.

Of course, the Cowboys ran the ball effectively in the season opener against the Redskins, averaging 4.7 yards per carry. They just didn’t run it often enough.

Garrett tends to be pass-happy under any circumstances, but he at least had reason to abandon the run against the Bears.