David Buehler is an issue

After two weeks, kicker David Buehler's issues get lost in the Cowboys 0-2 start, players-only meetings and whether Wade Phillips and Jason Garrett know what they're doing.

Buehler is 2-for-4 on the season, and his misses raises concerns.

In the opener at Washington, Buehler missed a 34-yard field goal that would have tied the game, 3-3, in the first half.

Sunday in the loss to the Bears, Buehler missed a 44-yarder, this one in the fourth quarter that would have tied the game at 20-20.

Buehler later came back and made a 48-yarder that cut the deficit to seven, with 1:17 left, but at that point the Cowboys had one timeout left and needed an onside kick and something crazy to happen to get the ball back to tie the game.

Kicking consulant Chris Boniol believes in Buheler but understands you can't miss game-tying kicks.

"That was a big kick and that's a disappointment," Boniol said of the Bears miss.

On the two misses, Boniol said Buehler got on top of the ball too fast in Washington and didn't hit the ball well vs. Chicago. So, tempo and ball strike were Buehler's issues.

"He's always been real good about coming back for the next one," Boniol said. "You just want [to make kicks] every game."

Buehler also messed up a pooch kick he didn't get up in the air high or far enough and that's something he'll work on in practice.

Unlike last season where Nick Folk struggled with his game and the Cowboys waited until near the end of the season to find a new kicker, they will make a move quickly if he struggles on Sunday vs. Houston. If the Cowboys win, and Buehler has a missed kick, the team might have to explore its options.

"We want him to make them all," coach Wade Phillips said after the game on Sunday. "He missed another one, but he also came back and made the one at the end that we had to have. We are kind of in-between right now."