Texans LB 'not worried about Cowboys'

The perception that facing the Cowboys is like the Super Bowl for the Texans apparently irks Houston linebacker DeMeco Ryans.

"I’m not getting all pumped up just because it’s the Cowboys and this and that," Ryans told reporters in Houston. "It’s about the Texans; it’s not about the Cowboys.

"A lot of people try to make a big deal about the Cowboys coming in here and this and that. Well, what about us? What about our team? What about the Texans? I’m not worried about the Cowboys."

Ryans' rant isn't irrational.

The Texans are a 2-0 team that routed the defending AFC champion Colts in the season opener. Why should they feel an emotional high because an 0-2 team is coming to town?

Of course, Houston's fans will be fired up for the visit from the franchise they perceive to be the state's wicked football stepsister that's been picking on their teams since the Oilers' heyday. But expectations are high enough in Houston that a win over the Cowboys wouldn't make the Texans' season.

In fact, this game is much bigger for the Cowboys than it is the Texans.