Is Miles Austin a top-five receiver?

IRVING, Texas – A great media debate at Valley Ranch yesterday was whether Miles Austin ranked as one of the NFL’s top five receivers.

I argued that Austin belonged in that elite class. It’s a pretty easy case to make when you consider yards and touchdowns.

Austin’s 1,608 receiving yards since the start of last season rank second in the NFL in that span. His 12 touchdowns are tied for fourth.

Houston’s Andre Johnson, the only receiver with more yards since the start of the 2009 season, is one of the receivers I conceded was better than Austin. You’ll get no argument from Austin on that point.

“He catches the ball great,” Austin said. “He runs hard. He’s fast. He’s a tough, tough receiver. He’s everything that you want in a receiver.”

Austin’s self-evaluation: “I’m trying to be all those things.”