Miles Austin says team will fight back

IRVING, Texas -- Miles Austin was clearly frustrated and upset with himself for two penalties in Sunday's game, including an excessive celebration call and an offensive pass interference call that negated what would have been a 68-yard touchdown pass.

On the celebration penalty: "It was such a dumb thing to do. I feel terrible. Nobody feels worse about it than I do." Again, you can read more here.

But Austin also vowed that he and the Cowboys wouldn't quit.

"I think we have to come together and fight back," Austin said. "That’s what I’m planning on doing and I’m sure that's what everyone else is planning on doing."

Austin was asked if it feels like this team is 1-4 since they've outplayed some teams statisically, but have hurt themselves with mistakes.

"We are a 1-4 tam, so yeah it feels like it," Austin said. "It feels like we're a 1-4 team because we're 1-4. The only thing we can do is worry about the right-now and just try to stick together."