Will Eli Manning sign the wall again?

IRVING, Texas --The last time Giants quarterback Eli Manning was at Cowboys Stadium, it was the opening of the $1.2 billion palace last September.

Then, the Giants got a 33-31 victory and Manning grabbed a pen and autographed the wall in the visiting locker room. He added the phrase: "First win in the New Stadium."

"I’ve done it at a lot of different places around the NFL and I thought they were starting a new tradition," Manning explained when asked about it on a conference call with Dallas reporters Wednesday. "So it will be interesting to see if anybody else has signed the wall, or if I’m the only one, or if they erased it."

The stadium crew painted over the autograph last season.

"It’s not right in the locker room, it’s in the locker room attendant’s own little lockerroom in the back," Manning said. "It’s not like I was trying to do anything disrespectful to their new stadium by any means."

The autograph didn't sit well with many players at the time and they tried to use it as motivation against the Giants when the two teams played again at Giants Stadium in December. Then, the Giants beat the Cowboys 31-24.

Manning was asked Wednesday if he'd sign the wall in the home team's locker room if the Giants win the Super Bowl at Cowboys Stadium in February.

"I don’t think so," Manning said. "I'd like to be there, but I wouldn’t want to disrespect the Cowboys or their new stadium. I think people kind of got the wrong [idea] – like I just signed right in the middle of the locker room for everybody to see. It’s far away and unless you’re invited to go back into the attendant’s own private locker room, you’re not going to see it."

Manning, by the way, had 330 yards and two touchdowns on 25-of-38 passing in that stadium-opening win in front of a record crowd of 105,121.