Joe Namath: Focus has been horrendous

IRVING, Texas -- Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Namath, who won a Super Bowl with the New York Jets, knows something about being an underdog.

Namath also knows something about what teams are supposed to do.

While Namath is not in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, on his weekly SIRIUS NFL Radio's The Broadway Blitz with Joe Namath he took the 1-4 Cowboys to task.

"Their focus has been horrendous," Namath said. "You look at the number of penalties and breakdowns they've had, their head's not in the game, it really isn't. The smarter teams come out on top, the teams that don't destroy themselves."

The Cowboys have been called for the third-most penalties in the NFL and lead the league in offensive penalties and average penalty yardage per game.

The running game ranks near the bottom of the league but the overall defense and offense is playing well. Yet, it hasn't produced wins.

"I really believe they all feel like they're big stars and they're not working as hard as they think they are," Namath said.

Focus has been a major concern at Valley Ranch during this 1-4 start. Coach Wade Phillips and several players said the intensity has increased in practices and games. Phillips even changed the way the team practices are conducted on Wednesdays and Thursdays by adding referees and moving the walkthrough portions of the sessions to the afternoon instead of the morning.

Phillips has also made lineup changes on special teams the last two weeks. He moved Jesse Holley off the practice squad to the active roster and plans to make Brandon Williams active for the first time in his career for Monday's game vs. the New York Giants. Both players will participate on special teams.

"The Cowboys have not learned how to focus on the team in the locker room, and the outside issues not interfering with their play," Namath said. "And that's what's happened."