DeMarcus Ware with a donut on box score

After reviewing the box score from the Cowboys' 35-17 loss to the Jaguars, outside linebacker DeMarcus Ware finished with no tackles.

It's the first time in his career that Ware wasn't given credit for a tackle.

Ware admitted he didn't play his best game, he made a bad read on a pitch play to Maurice Jones-Drew and was late on a reverse.

"It's like maybe a couple of mistakes and a bunch of mistakes," Ware said. "Mental mistakes. Mistakes on me on two foot plays."

In 2009, Ware had five games with just one tackle after going two seasons with at least multiple tackles. Last year he had a career-low 45 tackles, though he didn't start one game due to a neck injury and he battled wrist issues all year. He is still one of the NFL's best players, at least on defense, and can change a game by not making a tackle it seems.

This season, Ware has 27 total tackles with eight sacks and one forced fumble. Ware gets double-teammed on a consistent basis and sometimes when he does get a tackle or tight end one-on-one quarterbacks either get rid of the ball quickly or he's a step or to late.

"I didn't play my best game," Ware said. "A lot of times people should have made plays and they didn’t make plays."