Jon Kitna: Garrett has makeup to coach

November, 8, 2010
IRVING, Texas -- Cowboys quarterback Jon Kitna, like many of his teammates on Monday, seemed surprised by the news that Wade Phillips is out as head coach and offensive coordinator Jason Garrett is the interim coach.

But he said he believes Garrett has some of the tools needed to be a head coach in the NFL.

PODCAST's Calvin Watkins reacts to the Cowboys' dismissal of Wade Phillips and talks about what comes next for Jerry Jones and company.

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"He certainly has the makeup of it, the right demanor and things like that," Kitna said. "He's got strong convictions, which I think you need as a head coach. He has them."

Kitna said he hopes the move can serve as a much-needed wake-up call for a 1-7 team.

"We've got eight weeks left and it will be a pretty miserable eight weeks to experience what we experienced the last four weeks," Kitna said. "Hopefully it does. That remains to be seen."

Kitna said he could only speak for himself when asked if the team quit on Phillips.

"To try to say that this person quit or that person quit, I think that's disrespectful," Kitna said. "As for me, that's just not in my nature. But I can't speak for everybody."

Kitna acknowledged that he's disappointed the team finds itself at the bottom of the NFC East.

"I don't know that surprise is the right word because you know the nature of this game and that you don't get to pick up where you left off the previous season," Kitna said. "But I would say very disappointed that we find ourselves here."



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