Roger Staubach talks about the Cowboys

November, 10, 2010
Wednesday morning, former Cowboys quarterback and Hall of Famer Roger Staubach talked about what is wrong with the current Cowboys on Mike and Mike.

Pro Football Hall of Famer Roger Staubach talks about his time in the Navy, the skills he learned that he transferred to the NFL and what he thinks of the situation in Dallas right now.

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Staubach mentioned there were huge expectations for the Cowboys in 2010 but of course they've fallen short of those goals with the current 1-7 record.

"It's a combination of a lot of mistakes," Staubach said. "Mistakes are I guess are part of discipline and other issues. I think we were leading the league or close to it in penalties and just making mistakes in [special teams]."

Staubach also said the injury to quarterback Tony Romo hurts the team but he's confident that possibly Jason Garrett can move things in a positive direction.

"They just need a change right now and Jason Garrett is well respected," Staubach said. "He's done a pretty darn good job on offense and now he's got to take over the team and get it turned around but they've been in dire straits this whole week just trying to figure this thing out. And of course everybody likes Wade Phillips and it's a shame that they're 1-7 if you're a Cowboys fan."

The Cowboys have committed the seventh most penalties in the league this season with 62 and have the 10th best offense overall and 17th best defense overall.
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