Wade Phillips has same win percentage as Tom Landry

Fired Cowboys coach Wade Phillips hasn't done many interviews since Jerry Jones let him go two weeks ago.

Monday night, Phillips did a radio interview with Hall of Famer and former Buffalo Bills and Washington Redskins defensive end Bruce Smith on WXTG (102.1 FM) in Virginia Beach, Va.

It was a good interview in which Phillips talked about wanting to coach again and saying just because you get fired doesn't mean you're a bad coach.

Then there's this nugget.

"You know, we went 34-22, which is pretty good," Phillips said on the Bruce Smith show. "I went out as the same winning percentage of Tom Landry, so I don’t feel bad about my head-coaching career. I think they’re gonna look at me more as a coordinator, and that’s fine with me. I just wanna coach."

Phillips did have the same winning percentage as Landry, .607, but Landry went 250-162-6 with two Super Bowl titles and a 20-16 postseason record on his mark. Landry is considered one of the great coaches in NFL history.

Phillips' overall record is 82-61 with no Super Bowl titles and a 1-5 mark in the postseason. Wade Phillips has the same number of wins as his father, Bum, who is 82-77.

The win total was tied in Texas, when the Cowboys beat the Houston Texans in Week 3 of the season, kind of fitting because Bum Phillips coached the Houston Oilers.

As for the 2010 season overall, Phillips was asked by Smith was it uncecessary to get let go.

"I don't look at things that way," he said. "Once things are done, that's history. Whatever's happened has happened and go forward. So, I can't look back at anything except I worked as hard as I could and did the best job I could and it was somebody else's decision. And I'm always going to do that. I'm going to work as hard as I can and try to do the best job I can."

That decision was Jones' who said it was a difficult call to make. Jones said he was in denial about where the franchise was headed and after a 45-7 defeat to Green Bay, felt like he had no choice but to make the move.

There were many problems with the Cowboys in Phillips' last season which hurt his ability to inspire the team.

He was asked during the middle of a five game losing streak was he losing the team and Phillips said he hoped not.

The 2010 season started off with expectations based on what happened the previous season. The Cowboys finished 11-5 and won the NFC East, the second time Phillips accomplished that. But once 2010 started, the Cowboys started 0-2 and after a win in Houston, things went back to normal when the club lost five straight games forcing Jones to fire Phillips and move Jason Garrett into a interim role.

Under Garrett the Cowboys are 2-0.

"It seems like expectations were high certainly and we lost some close games," Phillips said. "I think you remember the first year I was at Buffalo; we lost the first three games. But we came close but we didn't win in Buffalo in those games but we came back and won. I think they're going to do the same thing here. We got a lot of good players and we just lose some close games that seem like we shouldn't have lost but we did."