Roy Williams says he's most consistent WR

IRVING, Texas -- Cowboys wide receiver Roy Williams is fifth on the team in catches (32), fourth in yards (469)

and tied for second in touchdowns (five).

You could say Williams is having a decent year, far better than 2009 when he had 38 receptions for 596 yards and seven touchdowns in 15 games.

On Monday, Williams said he's been the Cowboys' most consistent receiver in 2010.

"If you cut the tape on, I'm there," Williams said. "You cut the tape on No. 11, [he] is there on the film being consistent from week one to [now]. You can take it all the way back to training camp if you want to."

You could say Williams had one of his better games of the season on Thanksgiving Day when he caught five passes for 83 yards and made a nice downfield block on a 60-yard run by Miles Austin. But Williams' fumble deep in New Orleans territory led to the Saints scoring the game-winning touchdown.

A Cowboys scout said he can understand where Williams is coming from because he has played well. As a unit, the wide receivers have been consistent, just not collectively. Williams is doing all the right things and while at times he's been taken out of games, either by the defense or the type of play call, he isn't considered a liability on offense.

"I feel in my opinion, the most consistent wide receiver that we have [here], if you ask me," Williams said. "Not trying to toot my own horn, I'm just calling how I see it."