Mike Jenkins shows mental toughness

INDIANAPOLIS -- Consider cornerback Mike Jenkins the poster child for the Cowboys’ vastly improved mental toughness over the last month.

It was Jenkins’ olé in Green Bay that symbolized the Cowboys’ give-up at the end of the Wade Phillips era. He had a lot of reason to put his head Sunday down against the Colts, but Jenkins kept scrapping and came up with a key play at the end of the overtime win.

Most of Reggie Wayne’s 14 catches for 200 yards were on Jenkins. It won’t be much fun for the third-year cornerback to watch this film. At least, not until the Cowboys’ last defensive snap.

Jenkins, playing zone, read Peyton Manning’s eyes and broke on a deep out by tight end Jacob Tamme behind him. Jenkins timed his jump well and deflected the pass, which Sean Lee intercepted on the rebound to set up David Buehler’s game-winning field goal.

“We all started off bad this year and our main goal was to finish off strong,” Jenkins said. “No matter what, even though I got beat a couple of times, I just kept telling myself, ‘I won’t give up. I won’t quit.’ And I just kept playing.”