Cowboys QB rankings: Don Meredith

Remembering Don Meredith

Adam Schefter looks back at the life of Cowboys and Monday Night Football icon Don Meredith

Here is where Don Meredith ranks statistically among Dallas Cowboys quarterbacks:

Cowboys All-Time Passing Rankings: Don Meredith

Completions: 1,170 (5th)

Pass yards: 17,199 (4th)

Pass TDs: 135 (4th)

Interceptions: 111 (3rd)

Most Games Played -- Cowboys QBs, Franchise History

Danny White: 166

Troy Aikman: 165

Roger Staubach: 131

Don Meredith: 104

Most Passing TDs, Cowboys History

Troy Aikman: 165

Danny White: 155

Roger Staubach: 153

Don Meredith: 135

Tony Romo: 118