Only number Austin worries about is wins

IRVING, Texas -- A lot of Pro Bowl receivers would be perturbed to catch only nine passes in a month.

Miles Austin isn’t like a lot of Pro Bowl receivers. He’s a heck of a lot happier now than he was after catching 10 passes in each of the first two games of the season.

“We lost those two games that I had the 10 receptions,” Austin said. “Yeah, you can have 10 receptions if you just throw whatever to somebody, but you’re trying to win the game. For me to be selfish, that’s crazy.

“We won three of our last four games. I’m happy.”

It’s not as if Austin has failed to make an impact since Jason Garrett took over as interim coach. He has four touchdowns in the last four games, including a 60-yard score on an end-around.

Austin won’t earn an invitation back to the Pro Bowl by having a month where he catches only nine passes for 147 yards. But he’d rather have a balanced offense that wins games than put up big individual numbers.

“Do I want to play better?” Austin asked rhetorically. “Do I want to have 15 catches and 10 touchdowns a game? Yeah, who wouldn’t want that? But I really want to win even worse.”