Cowboys not worried about sideline issues

IRVING -- The NFL issued a letter to teams today week reminding them of the sidelines boundaries that was broken during last week's Jets-Dolphins game in which a special teams coach kneed a returner causing an injury.

Each team has a staff member instructed to tell players and coaches to stay in a designated area of the sidelines.

In a statement the league said, "These longstanding rules are in place for safety purposes in order to protect players and officials on the field, members of the chain crew, as well as coaches, players and other club personnel in the bench areas."

Tony Ollison, the Cowboys assistant strength and conditioning coach, is also the 'get back' coach. There are times you see Ollison asking players and coaches to move back from the field and into designated areas of the sidelines.

The sideline issues came to light when Jets strength and conditioning coach Sal Alosi instructed five players to stand in a wall near the sidelines during a punt return. The Dolphins Nolan Carroll was deliberately tripped by Alosi as he ran down the field.

Alosi was suspended without pay and fined for the incident.

Interim coach Jason Garrett didn't want to speak too much about the incident on Thursday afternoon when asked. But Garrett noted he's not worried about the it being an issue for his team.

"Without getting too into that, we’re not going to be involved into those kinds of deals," he said. "We’re very clear about getting everybody back. We got a 'get back' coach like most teams do and you got to make sure the sidelines are clear for lots of different reasons. The referee’s are always running up and down the sidelines so you got to make sure you steer clear of that for a potential penalty situation. You want to give them space, everybody wants to inch up but you got to make sure you take care of that."