Did Cowboys really lose Sunday?

The Dallas Cowboys may have held on for a 33-30 win over the Washington Redskins on Sunday, but the outcome actually hurt their standing in the upcoming draft. A 4-10 record would've kept the Cowboys in the thick of things for a top-six draft pick, but now it looks like the Skins (5-9) may be closing in on a higher pick.

I'm told that Marshall Faulk said on the NFL Network on Sunday that he believes Mike Shanahan's decision to bench Donovan McNabb is primarily about the Redskins desire to have a better draft choice. Shanahan obviously needs to find a quarterback in this draft and finishing 5-11 would give him a better shot at landing a top player at that position.

Meanwhile, Jason Garrett has more to gain than Shanahan by winning games at this point in the season. He's still auditioning for a job, so he has much more incentive to finish strong. So let me ask a question to Cowboys fans: Would you have rather have lost a meaningless game to the Skins on Sunday if it meant securing a top-six draft pick.

The way Garrett's coaching, he might cost the Cowboys a top-10 pick. A 7-9 record doesn't do much for a team -- unless it plays in the NFC West.