Garrett: IR wait worthwhile for Romo

IRVING, Texas – After a wait of more than eight weeks, the Cowboys finally gave up hope that Tony Romo would return this season.

Todd Archer is among those who believe the Cowboys waited too long, considering they’ve been out of playoff contention for several weeks. Interim coach Jason Garrett offered an explanation for the Cowboys’ patience with this process.

“With any player, you want them to come back. They want to come back,” Garrett said. “Guys are in this league for a reason. They're great competitors. They want to play. Certainly for the starting quarterback of a football team, you want to come back and play.

“Tony has been gearing toward coming back and playing. He's been very dedicated to the rehab and he's made progress. But ultimately we just decided the nature of the injury and how he has to function physically but also how he has to take a hit -- we just felt like putting the risk was too great.

“But really with all our players, you have to make these decisions about injured reserve and really what you're trying to do is make calculated guesses about when they can come back, how much time they're going to have left in the season, and is it worthwhile to wait on that. We certainly felt it was worthwhile with Tony.”

Of course, Garrett wasn't the one who consistently came across as optimistic that Romo would play again this season. That was Jerry Jones, who finally came to grips with reality over the weekend.