Josh Brent makes the most of chances

IRVING, Texas -- It's hard sometimes to get on the field when you back up nose tackle Jay Ratliff.

The last three games, Ratliff has played a total of 139 snaps according to Pro Football Focus, which tracks the number of snaps for each individual players.

Josh Brent is Ratliff's backup and he's compiled just 36 snaps the last three games. Yet Brent, a seventh-round pick in the supplemental draft from Illinois last year, has played well when given the chance.

"When you're playing behind an All-Pro, every snap you get on the field is valuable because in a sense you don't know when you're going to get back in," Brent said.

He might have just one tackle the last three games, but Brent draws double-teams much like Ratliff and is able to get pressure on the quarterback in passing situations. Ratliff has been frustrated by the constant double-teams he receives, and even if he takes on a center and beats him, a guard will slide over to block him.

It's the constant life of a nose tackle, something Brent enjoys.

"I'm on pace to play in all 16 games," Brent said. "Coming in some people didn't think I'd make the practice squad, so I think I've accomplished goals throughout the season. But every time you accomplish them you got to reset them. You can't get complacent playing behind an All-Pro."