Dez Bryant: 'NCAA is crazy'

Dez Bryant bit his tongue about the NCAA for the last year, but he let his fingers do some talking Thursday.

Bryant took a couple of Twitter jabs at the NCAA, apparently prompted by the suspensions of five prominent Ohio State football players, including star quarterback Terrell Pryor.

The NCAA suspended Bryant for the final 10 games of Oklahoma State’s 2009 season, including the Cotton Bowl, for lying to investigators about his relationship with Deion Sanders. The investigation didn’t discover any other wrongdoing by Bryant.

The NCAA suspended the five Buckeyes on Thursday for accepting improper benefits. The Ohio State players, who will be allowed to play in the Sugar Bowl, were found to have sold awards, gifts and university apparel, plus receive improper benefits in 2009.

Does it make any sense that Bryant’s punishment was twice as stiff as the rule-breaking Buckeyes’?

“I guess I should have got into a lot of trouble in college...maybe I would have gotten less punishment? lol,” Bryant (Dez_88) tweeted.

“I lied and then came back and told the truth....I didn't take no money, was not communicating with no agents at all.. NCAA is crazy”