Garrett impressed with McGee's poise

IRVING, Texas -- Stephen McGee’s first start was not a thing of beauty but it was a win at Philadelphia. He passed for 127 yards and 95 of those yards came on three passes – two to Miles Austin, one to Jason Witten, which came on the game-winning drive.

But what impressed interim coach Jason Garrett was how McGee reacted to the entire day. He liked how McGee used his legs (55 yards) and did not panic.

“He’s showed us the last couple of weeks he can handle different situations playing quarterback,” Garrett said. “Mentally he was into it and emotionally he handled himself well and he made some good decisions. One of the biggest things that happens to young quarterbacks is you feel some frustrations in a game and go and try to do something and invariable that ends up in creating a turnover or a negative thing happens. He hung in there and kept executing.”

The Cowboys’ quarterbacks – McGee, Jon Kitna and Tony Romo – used their feet a lot this year. They combined for 259 rushing yards on 50 carries. In 2003, Quincy Carter ran for 257 yards on 68 carries.