Cowboys say their goodbyes

IRVING, Texas -- Jason Garrett and Jerry Jones spoke to the Cowboys for a final time at 9 a.m., and Garrett and the rest of the coaching staff are conducting exit interviews with players.

Players have a series of meetings before they are cleared to leave. They have to meet with the athletic training staff to go over any injuries that may need surgery. They have to meet with their position coaches.

And finally, they just say goodbye.

It is a weird scene inside the locker room with players making travel plans, getting phone numbers and packing up their lockers. Most players carried giant trash bags filled with cleats, tennis shoes and workout gear to their cars.

“This is a tough day,” tight end Jason Witten said. “Really since May-June you’ve been going to work to give yourself a chance to play in January and when that comes to an end it’s tough. There will be some guys in this room that will not be back. That’s hard because there’s not too many bonds like this in a locker room where you sacrifice so much together. It’s first time you can sit back and look at all that’s happened. Obviously there’s some regret and some plays you’d like to have back. It’s tough because you know you let an opportunity go. You don’t get those opportunities back.”