Felix Jones' new weight same as old

DALLAS -- Much was made last summer of Felix Jones’ weight gain.

He was listed at 220 pounds as he bulked up to help him handle the rigors of more carries. But Jones did not appear to have the quickness and burst he showed in his first two seasons early in the season.

“I started out a little heavier than I had but the season progressed and I did drop the pounds and got back to my normal weight where I played at,” Jones said. “To have weight on me it was tough, but like I said I worked it off.”

Jones said the goal now is to stay between 210-215 pounds.

He finished with a career-high 800 rushing yards on 185 carries. He also caught 48 passes for 450 yards and scored two total touchdowns.

If called on to do more in 2011, Jones believes what he learned in 2010 will help him.

"I got a good taste of it," Jones said. "I feel good right now. I'm still learning ways of taking care of myself during the season a little better, but I did get a taste of playing a little bit more and taking that pounding, and it's something that I'm continuously learning, on how to keep my body in shape.”