Jerry Jones has no hatred for Steelers

DALLAS -- Jerry Jones understands why many Cowboys fans can't stand the thought of the Steelers adding to their Lombardi Trophy lead on local turf.

He just doesn't necessarily share the same passionate anti-Pittsburgh perspective.

"I’m not as mad about Pittsburgh, because we beat them in the Super Bowl," Jones said, referring to Super Bowl XXX, the Cowboys' last title. "I’m really not as mad. I know some other fans are.

"Roger [Staubach] is madder at them than I am and should be."

Staubach has to try to be impartial as the North Texas Super Bowl committee chairman, but the man lost two Super Bowls to the Steelers. That was the difference in Pittsburgh earning the Team of the '70s recognition instead of the Cowboys.

However, one of Staubach's Hall of Fame teammates has nothing but love for the Steelers. Tony Dorsett has a legitimate reason, as he grew up in Pennsylvania and starred at the University of Pittsburgh.

"This is my hometown team," Dorsett said. "When I was growing up, the black and gold was the dream of every kid in that area, myself included. As I went through my career, I had hoped that maybe one day, if I was going to leave Dallas, I’d end up in Pittsburgh. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, but I’m a big fan.

"The Cowboys are 1A, the Steelers are 1B and I’m pulling for them over the Packers this weekend."