Sean Lee getting head start on new defense

DALLAS -- Cowboys linebacker Sean Lee spent Friday at the Pepsi Max NFLX combine, less than a year after going through the NFL’s version of it in Indianapolis.

If you’ve watched the Pepsi MAX commercials the last few weeks, then you know what Lee had to do: throw footballs through a hole in oversized soda bottles, push a soda machine sled, catch some passes and push a dolly full of Pepsi MAX through a slalom of tackling dummies.

“I was out of breath,” Lee joked. “That was pretty hard.”

Fear not, Lee is not becoming soft in his second year. In fact after learning Rob Ryan would become the Cowboys defensive coordinator he ordered up some Cleveland game film to get a head start on what he will have to learn in 2011.

Going through the draft process last year, Lee already has a relationship with new linebackers coach Matt Eberflus.

“I met with him at a hotel and we went over the defense for about 40 minutes, put things on the board and then after that you had to tell him everything about what you just learned,” Lee said. “It was a way to see what you retained, so I kind of have a jumpstart on what we’re going to be doing.”