Roger Goodell does not blame Jerry Jones

DALLAS -- As the criticism of the seat fiasco continues to roll on the day after Super Bowl XLV, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell absolved Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones of any blame.

“We put on this event,” Goodell said. “This is a responsibility of the NFL.”

Some 1,250 fans were affected by seats that did not pass code in six sections inside Cowboys Stadium. The final installation of railings and tightening of stairs and risers were not able to be completed by the contractor by Sunday afternoon. According to NFL executive vice president Eric Grubman, the league was aware of a possible problem by the middle of last week.

The league moved 850 fans to different seats in similar locations, but the 400 fans that were kept from their seats in the fourth-level of the temporary structure in the west end zone watched the game from a field club area or from a standing room spot.

“We made the judgment that it was the right course of action to bring the fans in rather than to discourage them or create a sense that they wouldn’t have the information necessary,” Grubman said

Those fans will receive tickets to Super Bowl XLVI and were given free food, drink and merchandise Sunday and were allowed on the field after the game. Goodell said he spoke to some of those fans affected and will reach out to more in the future.

“When parties are working together and something goes wrong, everybody has a responsibility,” Grubman said. “We will figure out what the key steps were, which ones were ours, which ones were someone else’s, and we’ll address that.”