Cowboys not taping interviews

INDIANAPOLIS -- Normally when Cowboys officials interview prospective draft picks they will tape the interviews.

Not anymore.

After the Cowboys would interview a player, they would review the tape to look at body language and review what a player said. Sometimes players sound rehearsed and are mindful of the cameras. The team didn't think it was getting a true feeling of what a player said at times.

This go-around the Cowboys will go over the notes they take during the interview and hope without the cameras the players will feel more relaxed.

Some of the Cowboys' scouts have held informal talks with several players at the combine. Jason Garrett and other members of the coaching staff, along with Jerry and Stephen Jones, also get in the conversations.

The Cowboys, like most NFL teams, will also invite players to their facility for interviews where Jerry Jones meets with every player personally over dinner. Wide receiver Dez Bryant did that last year during the draft process.

There are some players who the Cowboys won't talk to at the combine because they plan on speaking with them at Valley Ranch. Von Miller, the outside linebacker from Texas A&M could be one of those players. Miller doesn't have any meetings scheduled with the Cowboys at the combine.

"I think we have always done a lot of interviews here which I think the most important part of the exercise we do," Jones said. "We got a good plan with everybody involved here to get the right information. We won't be taping those interviews. We have taped them in the past. We will be taking the notes of the interviewers and having a real informal process. We will see how that works."