Cowboys coaches meet with players

With the deadline approaching on a possible lockout in the NFL if the owners and players don't come to an agreement, the Cowboys gathered their players today for a chat about some offseason issues.

There was some debate as to if NFL teams could meet with players. The Tennessee Titans canceled a team meeting scheduled for today because of timing issues.

NFL spokesperson Greg Aiello said the league didn't send out a memo telling teams not to talk with players about a lockout but, "labor discussions with players are taking place through collective bargaining and the negotiating teams representing each side."

It's not known how many Cowboys players and coaches attended the meeting, but owner Jerry Jones wasn't there. He was in Washington, D.C., as part of the talks between the players and the owners.

"Yeah we had a meeting today," Cowboys fullback Chris Gronkowski told WFAA-TV in Dallas. "We talked about [the potential lockout] and everyone is concerned about that. Right now, no one knows how long it's going to last. We just kinda got to get prepared for the offseason."

Several Cowboys players are out of town currently, and wide receiver Dez Bryant tweeted that he's going to New Orleans for some rehab work in case of a lockout.

Players are not allowed to speak with coaches or front-office personnel or use the team facility in case of a lockout. No league business, such as signing or cutting players, is allowed.

Workouts and visits from draft-eligible players is permitted. The NFL draft will go on as scheduled.

"Just trying to get everyone ready," tackle Sam Young said. "I think you come closer down to crunch time and everyone has questions and everyone is just trying to figure out what's exactly going on. So I think it was just more getting everyone prepared."

The NFLPA declined comment, but it's believed they have no issues with teams talking with players as long as it's within the rules.