Dez Bryant says the rehab is going well

Wide receiver Dez Bryant said the rehab of his fractured right ankle is going well.

He is doing some light jogging under a trainers supervision and expect to fully go in about a month. In case of a lockout, Bryant will move his rehab work from Dallas to Louisiana.

"Not running full speed, jogging a little bit on a treadmill and just taking this process slow," Bryant told reporters on Wednesday. "I give it another month."

Bryant said he's inspired by former Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin, who suffered a torn ACL in 1989. The rehab process for Irvin cost him to miss the first four games of the 1990 season but he was recovered.

“My rehab is fine,” Bryant said. “I’ve been hearing a lot of stories about how Michael Irvin came off his ACL [in 1989] and how he was so ready to get back out there. I kinda feel the same way, that’s where my mindset is. His story motivates me so much of getting back out there [it] just makes me want to work hard and that’s what I’m doing each and every day.”

What's also encouraging is the bond Bryant is building with new strength and conditioning coach Mike Woicik, who returned to the Cowboys this year after spending the last few years in New England. It was Woicik who was part of the rehab process for Irvin, so that gives him some insight regarding coming back from an injury that helps Bryant.

"I felt like the day that I met him and the conversation that we had, I felt like we clicked right then and there," Bryant said. "I love working with him and I feel like he really wants to me to get better and he’s helping me with my rehab and we’re going strong every day."