Tashard Choice proud of NFLPA

The future of the 2011 season is uncertain more than ever with the NFLPA deciding to decertify and changing from a union to a professional trade association.

The move by the union follows 16 days of federally mediated negotiations in which the union, presented with a proposal from the league's owners group late Friday afternoon as a 5 p.m. decertification deadline approached, rejected the offer as "significant differences continue to remain," union chief DeMaurice Smith said.

Smith said he was sorry for the fans.

We have yet to hear from the trio of Cowboys union reps, Jason Witten, DeMarcus Ware and Bradie James, regarding the union's decision to decertify.

Early in the 2010 season, the Cowboys as a group, voted to decertify if things between the union and the owners failure to reach a new CBA.

"Gotta do what you gotta do that’s what I know," Cowboys running back Tashard Choice said on Twitter. "Proud of the nflpa. It’s always about money, sad but true."

Later on Choice added: "Just in case some of [you] say why I said I was proud of the nflpa is because they want a fair deal not because it won't be football. Sorry fans for this dispute but hopefully a deal gets worked out and we can play football cause 2011 will be a big year."