Lockout deprives Dez Bryant of supervision

One of the most important players on the Cowboys’ roster is considered a millionaire menace to a mall.

Need any more evidence that Dez Bryant is an emotionally confused junior high kid in an NFL superstar’s body?

Bryant and his enabler/adviser can spin the story however they want, and folks wearing blue-and-silver shades can believe it despite Dez’s recent history of lying. But the Dallas police report from Saturday’s sagging-gone-wrong incident makes it very clear that this wasn’t the first time the receiver has been a pain in the (fully covered) butt at this mall. It refers to a “pattern of behavior at NorthPark Center involving security/off-duty police being involved,” including cutting in line at a store, parking in a fire lane and being involved in a “major disturbance” with a woman at a restaurant.

Call this story overblown if you want, but this isn’t about Bryant’s sense of fashion. Bryant wasn’t booted from the mall because his boxer shorts were showing. Bryant -- and not his low-britches-wearing buddies -- was issued a criminal trespass warning because he loudly and continuously cussed out a fully uniformed off-duty police offer. He repeatedly dropped the F-bomb on a 30-year veteran cop, not some overeager security guard.

But it’s all “lol” for Dez, who dropped that cute teen slang into a late-night tweet vowing to return to the mall today to buy the new LeBrons. He’s basically challenging the mall and cops to enforce the 90-day ban that automatically comes with a criminal trespass warning by putting him in cuffs and hauling him off to jail.

Headed to North Park tomorrow to get these Lebrons....I am not banned from North park lolless than a minute ago via Echofon

It’s really just a reminder that Bryant, an unbelievably talented receiver who dropped into the Cowboys’ lap in the late first round due to major immaturity issues, needs his butt kicked on a regular basis.

That’s one of several reasons the NFL lockout could really stunt the development of Bryant, whose injury-riddled rookie season included flashes of brilliance despite a basic-at-best understanding of the playbook. More than perhaps any other player in the league, Bryant requires constant adult supervision, and that doesn’t mean enabler/adviser David Wells making excuses for him and cleaning up his messes.

That’s one reason why receivers coach Ray Sherman had to go. “Keepin’ It Real Thursdays” doesn't exactly enforce the discipline that Bryant needs to grow up in a man’s league. Neither does looking the other way when Bryant is a few minutes late for a meeting or praising his passion after he rants and raves on the sideline.

New receivers coach Jimmy Robinson has quite a challenge ahead of him. If he succeeds, the Cowboys might have the best receiver in the league in a few years. If he doesn’t, Bryant will wind up as a tragic case of unfulfilled potential.

It’s a shame that Robinson has to wait until the labor situation is resolved to get started with Bryant. The coach can’t say a word while his prized project looks and sounds like a fool with his pants on the ground.