A look at the workout bonus money

We're not sure if any Cowboys' players will show up at Valley Ranch this morning.

The offseason workout program was supposed to start March 21, but the lockout prevented it from happening. With the latest developments with the lockout being lifted and the owners getting a stay, it's uncertain if players will work out today.

Certain players are supposed to complete a certain percentage of the offseason workout program to receive a financial bonus.

Here's the list and what they're supposed to make.

If a player is injured, such as Bryant, he must complete his rehab program as set forth by the club to avoid losing any money.

Some Cowboys players are out of town, such as David Buehler, Orlando Scandrick and Roy Williams. Others, including Jason Witten, Brooking, Austin, Martellus Bennett and Kevin Ogletree, are in town. It's uncertain if players who are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area will go to Valley Ranch, and it's unknown if the team will allow them in the facility.

"Wish I was in Dallas so I could show up to valley ranch bright an early tomorrow shirt tucked in ready to work lol," Scandrick said on Twitter Monday night.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told the Associated Press any player who shows up to team facilities will be allowed in.

"If a player comes to the facility, he will be treated courteously and with respect," Aiello said in an email.

Said Bennett on Twitter: "Sorry to tell y'all this but the owners are gonna appeal the ruling and there will still be a lockout. Only makes sense. But we shall see."