Jason Garrett breaks down Day 3

IRVING, Texas -- Cowboys coach Jason Garrett gave his assessment of Saturday's five draft picks:

David Arkin:"He played some of the all-star games, and we really liked him. He has the measureables. We liked the tenacity with which he plays. He has some position flexibility. He’s one of those guys when you watch him play, he jumps out at you. The way he finishes the plays, how physically and aggressively he plays. He has the measureables to play a couple of different spots on the offensive line."

Josh Thomas: "He’s a local kid that we had at Dallas Day. He’s 5-11, close to 200 pounds, but also you like what he’s all about. He’s a physical corner, he tackles. He worked out really well for us at Dallas Day. A good combination of physical traits, and also the right kind of guy."

Dwayne Harris: "A guy that was both very productive for [East Carolina] as an offensive player, but also a [special] teams guy. Potential returner for us, but also contributes on teams in other ways. He’s a physical guy. We’ve had receivers in our history here with the Cowboys who filled this kind of role. A guy who can be productive on the offensive side of the ball, but also physical and willing enough as a receiver to go out there and plays some teams for you."

Shaun Chapas:"Starter at fullback in the SEC. Big time program, big time competition every week. Has the measureables to play. A smart fullback, who can block, catch the football and has a good feel for playing, seeks out the linebackers, does his blocking assignments well, does a good job getting on them, effective in both the run game and the pass game."

Bill Nagy: "A guy who, going into the 2009 season, was going to be a starter, got into a moped accident, and wasn’t able to play that year. Became a backup going into this year because the guy who took his place became an established player. He got a chance due to injury to play about half the games this year, and really did a nice job. As an offensive lineman, you like how he plays, he jumps out at you when watch him, how he finishes, how he plays with intensity and tenacity. We really liked him as well. He’s a very athletic guy too, he ran about as well as any of the interior linemen in the draft."