Garrett doesn't know how 2011 will look

Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid had a strong opinion as to what the 2011 season will look like if this lockout continues into the late stages of the summer.

"The further it goes in [to preparation], the worse the product," Eagles coach Andy Reid said on Comcast SportsNet's Daily News Live. "No matter how you cut this thing, you need time in practice. You're bringing in guys who are working hard in the offseason on their own, but that's not like working hard in training camp [in concert with other players]."

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett is spending his time at Valley Ranch watching film and evaulating the current roster. When told what Reid said, Garrett said he didn't want to speculate on what a season might look like if the lockout extends.

"Certainly we have an offseason in place because it's a good thing to help our players and teams get ready for the season," Garrett said. "So when you're taking that away, it starts to fiddle with that preparation. Now how much of it gets taken away and how big of an impact that will be, nobody really knows. Again, we have to figure out what the situation is, when some decisions are made and have to adjust accordingly."

Numerous NFL players are working out in groups across the country. The Cowboys are doing their workouts twice a week at an undisclosed location. Jerry Jones and Garrett said they were pleased with the players getting their work in. Cowboys' players are running plays on offense and defense in an attempt to build on-the-field chemistry.

Even so, Reid feels regardless of the work, the coaches will still have work to do.

"It's a great challenge for coaches, because we take a lot of pride in being good teachers," Reid said. "I've asked the coaches to go back and make sure they refine everything . . . [Instruction has] got to come out, and it's got to be direct, specific...the players have to be able to visualize it."