Where will DeMarcus Ware rank in Top 100?

IRVING, Texas -- On Monday we talked about Jason Witten’s position on the NFL Network Top 100 players of 2011 list as voted on by the players, leaving DeMarcus Ware as the last Cowboy to be ranked.

They are down to the final 30 players, so let’s make a guess as to where Ware will finish.

So far there have been 28 defensive players on the list, with New England nose tackle Vince Wilfork coming in at No. 35. Here is a list of defensive players not yet rated: Chicago’s Julius Peppers, Baltimore’s Haloti Ngata, Green Bay’s Clay Matthews, Pittsburgh’s James Harrison, San Francisco’s Patrick Willis, Darrelle Revis of the New York Jets, Oakland’s Nnamdi Asomugha, Baltimore’s Ray Lewis, Green Bay’s Charles Woodson, Baltimore’s Ed Reed and Pittsburgh’s Troy Polamalu.

That’s a pretty good list of defensive guys, and we haven’t tapped out yet on quarterbacks Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Michael Vick and Philip Rivers. There are some pretty good wideouts left, too (Houston’s Andre Johnson)

By most account,s Ware is among the top five defensive players in the NFL. He is the best pass rusher and is just as good against the run. Teams that use a 3-4 defense view him as the prototype outside linebacker.

So if he is a top-five defensive player, you would think he would be among the top 10 of this vote.

But the players clearly have had an offensive bent so far in the voting, so I’m not sure Ware will be in the top 10. Of the defensive guys that I would suspect the players would vote (not me) higher than Ware would be: Revis, Matthews and maybe Polamalu.

Now this is a guess, but I will predict Ware comes in between Nos. 10-15. Where do you think the players will rank Ware?